The Rooftop Gallery & Workshops

The Rooftop Gallery and Workshops is a community led, town centre based gallery in which Artists have space to work alongside exhibitions, workshops, groups and classes with a meeting place, unsupervised Children’s area and refreshments.The place is run entirely by volunteers and we always need new people to turn ideas into action.

The former Corby Library has been converted into the Rooftop Gallery and Workshops with many facilities available for hire at reasonable rates. See site for details.

Its central location means that it is very accessible, there is a lift and service lift for moving large materials. Plus, it is situated above the town centre allowing access to fantastic light. There is also potential for a sculpture garden in front of the building.

Rooftop Gallery & Workshops
9 Chisholm House
Queens Square
NN17 1PD

Weds-sun 11am-4pm
Thurs 11am-7pm