"Hollow Man"
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painter, photographer, poet, film maker, installation artist, composer using traditional and contemporary media, exploring the properties of materials, looking for ways to subvert materials, and divert the viewer/listener wherever possible
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Born in Kent in1948, I've always had the creative impulse to express myself via the arts, mainly influenced by artists from the postwar period, but admire the greats, Rembrandt, Velasquez, Vermeer, Van Gogh. Those that made breakthroughs, Duchamp, Pollock, Warhol, the post war St.Ives artists...
In recent times I've been experimenting with pastel on canvas to make abstract and figurative work, casting, playing with found objects to make 3D works. These works are responses to music, history, and life in general, but not always in that order. In recent years I've been venturing deeper into making music, my own style being a kind of 21st Century Blues infused with beats, noise, and sound effects, using guitars, synthesisers, samplers, and the spoken word. His musical collaborations include, “The Mighty Pandl”, “The Slackstring Band”. I usually publish my music on my YouTube Channel with visuals

  • "Horizon
  • "Performance"
  • MARTIN BALDOCK (martRoxArt)