Ian Blaza

Ian Blaza
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Abstract and Figurative artist painting with acrylics on either paper or wood.
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I paint abstract and figurative pieces exploring the human journey, dealing with such issues as chronic pain, poor mental health, isolation and escapism, as well as the side effects these difficulties bring in a social setting. My abstract pieces are never preplanned, consisting of many layers of paint intuitively applied then scraped, rubbed and manipulated to create a painting that you can sit and stare at all day and find something new to light up your imagination. My figurative pieces are more preplanned and what may seems simple messages, translate to a deeper meaning.
I am currently a Resident Artist at the Rooftop Arts Centre in Corby, feel free to drop in anytime to have a look at my studio.
If you would like to meet in person best to contact me to arrange a time as I am not always in my studio.
All my pieces are one-offs and will never be reproduced giving every client a special piece of art.
I am open to commissions under certain conditions because of my painting style and the way I approach each individual piece. I also suffer from Fybromyalgia so pieces may take me longer than normal to produce.

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