Ellie Wilkinson

Nemean Lion
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I create fine art limited edition prints of my original mythological paintings
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Now based in Corby, I grew living in the shadow of Pendle Hill which inspired my early love of myths and legends. This inspired me to paint mythology and folklore from both the United Kingdom and from further afield. Taught to paint in acrylics at a young age, I have recently diversified into digital artworks, an am enjoying the challenge of learning a new medium.

The more untraditional the subject matter, the better – I love painting obscure mythology because of the lack of references. Whilst my original paintings are on canvas and finished with metallic paint to bring life to the subject, I wanted to make my work more accessible. This inspired my unusual approach to limited edition prints - there will only ever be 200 prints of a painting regardless of what sizes the prints are. This means that more people can enjoy fine art prints in their own homes.

  • Wyoming Jackalope
  • Moirai
  • Bast